Our mission started with a big problem..

"A little healthy and varied food must be enough, right?"

Unfortunately, science says otherwise:

Source: Consumentenbond (NL), ing. P. Blokker

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But .. How could it have gone down like that!?


natuurlijke landbouw
Everything started innocently with a natural and clean form of agriculture. Local farmers planted their crops on healthy fertile soil for their own use and that of their acquaintances and family.


At some point, intensive agriculture (mass production) began in which our food must be produced as cheaply and as long as possible. Fertilizers are used to keep the soil 'fertile' and toxic substances such as pesticides to kill bacteria.


onvruchtbare zieke grond
Because we want to produce faster than nature can actually handle, over the years we have now created an infertile and diseased soil in which our crops contain up to 95% less vitamins and minerals than before.

Sick ground

Sick crops

Sick animals

Weakened human health

The crucial importance of vitamins & minerals

Vitamins and minerals are essential for keeping the human body optimal and functional. They are, as it were, the oil that keeps the machine (the body) running. Because your body cannot produce most minerals and vitamins on its own, you need to ensure that you get enough of them.

In the world in which we live, this is becoming increasingly difficult with a varied diet and regular supplements and is a worrisome problem that little is done about it.

In 2025 we want to have planted over a 100,000 trees for the future.

Vittap started to make a difference and to draw more towards the essence of nature together.

Which vitamines do you need?

Not just your vitamins but your whole lifestyle.

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