Business Partner: Be seen by hundreds of healthy people!

Are you a company or organization that focuses on improving people’s enjoyment, health and lifestyle? By becoming a Business Partner at Vittap, we help each other to strengthen this mission and make even more impact.


The all-in-one lifestyle App.

Vittap goes beyond selling vitamin Taps and delivers a complete lifestyle app for the customer. With this so-called ‘Vitt•App’, users can easily find the best recipes, tips, tricks and healthy local businesses.

You as a (local) business owner can take advantage of this opportunity and be recommended to hundreds of healthy people who want to explore, improve and enjoy. 

Vitt•App Business

Nice, but .. How does this partnership work?

For each other, with each other.

When it comes to partnership we always say: ‘For each other, with each other’. By helping each other you not only grow more, you also make a lot more impact. We both have a reach in relatively the same industry, why not combine that?


Business Partner Be Seen
As a Business Partner of Vittap, you will come forward among the hundreds of users of the Vitt•App. You get your own place on the platform in order to gain more brand awareness, visitors and customers.


By linking the vitamin Taps from Vittap to your company, you ensure a sustainable appearance to make your message even more complete. You also earn commission on every Tap sold.


Together we grow, help each other and making even more impact to ensure a healthy, active and satisfied world.

And .. Who qualifies for this?

Restaurants & bars

Gyms & sport facilities

Sport, food & lifestyle coaches

Alright .. let's start!