Vittap Taps Vitamin Drops Bottle C

A few Taps a day, keeps the doctor away.

With just a few drops in your favorite drink, our unique and award-winning technology increases and improves the absorbability of your daily vitamin requirement.

More than health, let's feel happier each day.

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The well-known vitamins, but now liquid and working like no other.

Tap your daily vitamins, easier and better than ever.

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4.8/5.0 based on 42 reviews
Nadia van der Meer
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Product works very well, every morning in my cup of tea. I can't taste it and it makes a real difference with those stupid pills. I say go for it!
Debby Vogelaar
Debby Vogelaar
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I ordered all 3 of them and received a super nice box in which they were sunk, high quality box. Secretly I still use the box to put my jewelry in. Very nice!
Bart de Vries
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I would really recommend this product for any athlete who is now taking pills, this is so much easier and faster to take and it absorbs even faster. I feel really fitter.
Mohammed Sulleiman
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Every morning in my protein shake, 5 drops and I can take it again.
Henk Spanjaard
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Works well and easy!
Fokkeline Brandsma
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I am vegan myself so I have to make an extensive diet to get all my nutrients. Vittap drops are a nice addition to it. This also fits completely into my diet.
Bert Mol
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Well-functioning website where you can find a lot of information about your health.
Amber Beukenhout
Amber Beukenhout
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I am very satisfied with the information but also with the service provided by the guys. My products were delivered 1 day late. Before I even realized it, I already received an apology email. Now that's what I call service! Keep it up guys!
Remko Goedemens
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Drops work well and dissolve quickly, I've had drops before, but they stay at the bottom of your glass. Can you fill your glass 3 times before you have everything inside. That is not the case with this one.
Nilesh Bodel
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Discovered a new tennis school by vittap. Been looking for a new hobby for a while and now found it. Very happy with it.
Chris Karakostas
Chris Karakostas
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The vittap drops are a good addition to my diet. I find it difficult to get the vitamin from my diet, then this is a good solution.
Amber de Vries
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I am very happy that I use these drops these days. I have used other drops but they contain so many substances that I do not know. plus these drops I can still put in my wine in the evening if I have forgotten it during the day. You can't taste it haha!

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